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The German Hotel Market

All of Germany’s Top cities suffered significantly in 2020, according to KPI growth. Hotel real estate specialist Christie & Co reviews an eventful year in Germany's 6 key hotel markets Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf.


Hotel Investment Market Spain 2020

Christie & Co Spain releases its analysis of the hotel investment in Spain in 2020, a year marked by an unprecedented crisis, which has impacted the tourism sector in a particularly cruel way.


Business Outlook 2021

Review. Realign. Recover.

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Thinking of Selling your hotel?

To sell a hotel is much more complex than „just“ selling a house or apartment. Our latest guide sets out the things you need to think about when selling your hotel. We tell you what to consider and do in each phase to maximize your opportunities and sell your hotel at the best price.


Porto Hotel Market Snapshot 2020

Check out our latest report on the Porto hotel market for 2020. A key market in Iberia, on the rise but with a very large amount of supply in the pipeline.


Lapland Hotel Market Update - November 2020

As pandemic is still raging through Europe and the rest of the world, most of the hotel markets are being severely affected, with Finland being no exception. One region's performance, namely Lapland, sheds some positivity for the coming month.


Nordic Hotel Market Update

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has significantly limited all forms of travel, reinforced by government-imposed restrictions on mobility and border closures. While hotels in the Nordics have not been obligated to close by the respective governments, many hotels have closed temporarily due to a radical collapse in demand that started in March. Please read an update on the Baltic Hotel Market in our latest publication.


Hotel Recovery after Covid-19

Our experts support you in the Covid-19 easing phase and work with you to develop long-term solutions for the transition phase and a return to normality, involving all stakeholders. Based on figures and demand patterns in the market and the respective hotel, our findings from different markets and consideration of the current situation with regard to the given restrictions, we help to determine recovery scenarios. These are the basis for your decisions.


Spanish Urban Destinations 2019

Christie & Co Spain updated their report regarding 15 Spanish cities and the evolution of its main indicators in 2019 as well as their future evolution. This update shows the impact of Covid-19 for the tourism sector in Spain and offers a positive vision to the industry, highlighting the strengths and the situation in which the Spanish hotel sector found itself in 2019. It also shows a forecast of the recovery in demand for the years 2020 and 2021 and the challenges that the sector will face from now on.


Nordic Hotel Market Update - Impact of Covid-19

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has placed the hotel industry into an unprecedented situation. The pandemic spread globally and has caused an almost complete stop to all forms of travel, which was reinforced by government-imposed restrictions on mobility and border closures. As has been widely recognised, the effects of these developments have been steep and immediate for hotels globally, with no exception in the Nordic markets.